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Chanakya Mudrak going for Scodix digital enhancement solutions


A historic milestone in the North India’s commercial digital printing market would be New Delhi-based Chanakya Mudrak’s adoption of Scodix digital enhancement press to fortify special varnished effects in photo albums, wedding cards and other fancy printed items. Inder Kumar, director, Chanakya Mudrak Pvt Ltd talks to Print & Publishing about the company’s mission to install Scodix press in the post Printpack India 2013. Touching the senses with prints which stand out in forms that have hardly been witnessed in the world of printing, Chanakya Mudrak Pvt Ltd is installing Scodix digital enhancement press to augment a new, high-quality, catchy prints with tangible dimensions. “Adoption of Scodix machine will primarily for enhancement in our outputs of photo albums and wedding cards,” said Inder Kumar adding that the applications will be expanded as per the needs of their clients comprising ad agencies and a horde of printers based in Delhi and NCR.

Special appearance

Following the adoption of the Scodix press, Chanakya Mudrak will introduce a new printing process called SNOW (Something New Outstanding Wonderful) at its facility, already equipped an HP Indigo press. “Scodix can print 250 microns in polymer height – more than 20 times higher than selective varnish. This press is compatible with sheet format larger than B2 size in variable density capabilities ranging from 1-100 percent,” mentioned Inder Kumar.

Unique features

“We always keep our eyes wide open for any new technology emerging in the commercial printing market,” mentioned Inder Kumar quoting the fact about the Israel-made Scodix press’s stand alone solution compatible with offset, laminated sheets, digital print feeds, image-to-image registration, etc. Distributed in India by Monotech Systems Limited, another unique feature of the Scodix digital enhancement press is its support to variable data applications in PDF or optimised PDF formats. Perceiving the company’s step towards adoption of Scodix press, Inder Kumar heralded industry people to wake up to new and innovative technologies!

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