hubergroup expands its management team


Ashwani Bhardwaj elevated to the hubergroup management board

Sn order to intensify the Group’s focus on its operational activities and to integrate the regions more closely into the task of planning future strategic development, the printing-ink manufacturer, hubergroup recently strengthened their existing management team, including Thomas L Hensel (CEO and operations management Americas) and Ursula Borgmann (R&D, technology), by the addition of Ashwani Bhardwaj (operations management Asia) and Heiner Klokkers (operations management Europe).

“We can count ourselves lucky to have such talented people among our own employees,” says Thomas L Hensel, adding, “Ashwani Bhardwaj is an outstanding manager in our Group, and the prudent and successful leader of our largest production plant. Heiner Klokkers stands out due to his deep understanding of the market, his tremendous willingness to assume responsibility and his motivational leadership and management style.”

Ashwani Bhardwaj studied natural science and graduated in Business Administration, and he joined Micro Inks Ltd, the Indian arm of the hubergroup, back in 1995, where his most recent post was that of managing director. He has more than 32 years of experience in industry, 23 of them in printing inks.

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