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Autoprint, with HMT India, helps train Mongolians in the graphic arts industry

Presently, there is a focus on the printing industry and on technological ties between India and Mongolia exclusively on training, to promote winning businesses for the new generation of Mongolians. India will help Mongolia to update their technical knowledge and skills in graphical arts, which in turn will benefit Mongolia and India in the long run. Perhaps this is the result of HMT India, and Autoprint’s global vision in expanding its business strength and knowledge to other countries as well. Mongolia is definitely where Autoprint India’s integration agenda of delighting customers worldwide in graphical arts, can succeed.

As a first phase of this attempt, Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic College of Arts, Ulanbatore, Mongolia sent two of their faculties Ganbold Ninjee and Ninjbadgar Dorjgotov to go through the two months training on ‘A study of the printing industry and operational procedures of press, pre press and post press’. Intensive two months training was given to these faculties. Theoretical and practical hands on training on various aspects of printing such as printing principles, processes, consumables and spares, single and multi colour printing methods and pre printing processes, post printing activities like coating, binding, laminating, cutting and creasing, etc were provided. The participants were able to prepare a complete project report with the learning in these two months.

Apart from the full fledged training programme, it was also arranged for the trainees to visit many important places of India and interact with the local people to understand the values, beliefs, and culture of the Indians. Autoprint India, with the backing of HMT India, has begun well with another major step with the friendly and enterprising Mongolia.

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