Prototyping of metallic packages and labels streamlined


In today’s fast-paced world of product marketing, brand managers face constant pressure to test packaging concepts and bring products to market quickly. Color-Logic takes the guesswork out of dealing with metallics, enabling brands to take advantage of metallics in their packaging and labels. In the marketplace, metallics connote product value and integrity. The metallic designs often used on packaging and labels for high margin products have historically slowed testing and product rollout. Color-Logic not only dramatically streamlines and shortens the process, but enables metallics to be used on lower margin products as well. The Color-Logic technology lets package and label designers use their usual design software to create metallic designs. Then, the metallic designs can be reliably and consistently executed using inkjet printers to quickly produce prototypes, and digital presses to produce test market samples.

The Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System provides designers with the tools and training to utilize metallic inks or metallic substrates with white ink. The Color-Logic system not only speeds up the design of decorative effects, but enables designers to visualize those effects on their monitor prior to going to press. Package design and prototyping companies can produce their own swatchbooks using their own printing devices, so designers can choose colors with confidence they will print correctly. The Color-Logic Design Suite enables designers to add or alter decorative effects in seconds, rather than the hours or days it might take a designer using conventional methods.

Color-Logic develops colour communication systems and software tool sets for a variety of special effect printing applications. They also provide brand owners, product managers, corporations, and their advertising agencies the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients with a simple print production process that yields dramatic results. Color-Logic decorative effects utilize the existing workflows of printers and designers, yielding dynamic results without the use of special equipment. Color-Logic supports the value of print and works with designers and printers to enhance their printed media.

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