Zircon acquires largest label press in India – Omet Varyflex


Economies in Europe endeavour to recover and improve in a difficult prevailing situation, India too has its own share of woes of a receding growth rate down to 5%, from a high of 9.3% two years ago in 2010-11. While the international economies strive and stagger towards better economic scenario, the Indian industry is in a situation whereby it is evolving strategies that will bring stability and consistent growth. Likewise, the Indian self-adhesive label industry that was continuously experiencing a high growth rate is feeling the pangs as an after-effect of a slowdown in growth even though it is still romancing with a near double digit rate of growth. At this time it has become imperative for the label printers to innovate and produce products that will attract the consumers and bring back the much needed growth in demand.

Taking cue from such sentiments, a dynamic and committed team at Noida-based Zircon Technologies India Limited, lead by Sanjeev Sondhi has decided and vowed to tread the path to innovation and technical excellence. In a definite move to implement and augment their innovative ambitions, they have acquired, perhaps the largest label press in India so far. The label press with diverse printing and converting capabilities is, “Omet Varyflex V2.”

The Omet Varyflex delivered to the Dehradun facility of Zircon is 26 meters long and is a complex integration of foiling, movable rotogravure, flexo and proprietary web paths desired and decided by Sanjeev Sondhi of Zircon after he had tested his innovative requirements on diverse label presses. It took him almost two years to finalise the exact configurations and attachments that are complex and proprietary in nature. The equipment has capability to print and convert with diverse print and converting technologies. It is 430mm wide, equipped with 10-colour flexographic printing stations, rotogravure printing station, hot foiling, etc. and converting section for cartons, labels, flexible packaging, lami-tubes as well.

Zircon Technologies India Ltd. is a 6-year-old young company, with three production plants covering over 50,000 square feet of built-up workspace with two plants in north and one in south India, coupled with seven sales offices spread across India and a 200 plus strong workforce. They have in-house graphic, pre-press and plate making capabilities and are India’s first Esko certified HD flexo label printing company. They have two pending global patents and have licensed four technologies for security printing so far. They endeavour to be the most capable anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions provider in the entire Asia Pacific region. With the present installation of Omet Varyflex, Zircon will be able to service clients with a diverse range of offerings like shrink sleeves, folding cartons, anti-counterfeit packaging solutions, self adhesive labels, etc.

The Omet Varyflex has been supplied by Omet S.r.l., Italy founded by the late Angelo Bartesaghi in 1963, a leading company, designing and producing high-technology equipment and lines to print and fold tissue paper products, self adhesive labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging. Says Paolo Grasso, sales manager, Omet, Zircon is a demanding customer; we learnt a lot by delivering towards their innovative ideas.” The sale of this equipment has been handled by New Delhi-based Weldon Celloplast Limited, exclusive agents of Omet in India and surrounding countries.

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