Enfocus Connect 11 product family to improve customers’ file submission process


Enfocus, the leader in automation and creator of the PDF preflight and editing standard, PitStop Pro, has released its new Connect 11 product family. Well-received in the marketplace by both designers and producers of printed materials, the Connect 11 product family solves file problems at the creators’ desktop; saving them time, money and production delays.

The Connect 11 product family is designed to bridge the gap between designers and production professionals. It helps designers to deliver high quality files, right the first time, thus ensuring the production of high quality PDFs regardless of the document creation application used, or the PDF skill levels at the designer level.

“PDF has become the file transfer format of choice, from the office environment to agencies, design firms and print service providers,” said Fabian Prudhomme, vice president, Enfocus. “But there are still many issues associated with creating high quality PDFs for print. Many print service providers spend excessive time on file review and correction after jobs are submitted. We developed the Connect 11 product family of products to address these issues head-on by making the PDF creation and submission process consistent and predictable. By complying with the Adobe Normalizer – the market standard for PDF creation, we have ensured that the Connect 11 product family is the simplest and most reliable means for producing reliable PDF output.” Enfocus is a business unit of Esko and has its headquarters in Gent, Belgium. While, Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for the packaging and labels, sign and display, commercial printing and professional publishing industries.

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