‘Xerox India poised on a path of reinvention marking strong growth in 2011’


While the acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), the largest diversified outsourcing firm, made 2010 an unprecedented year for Xerox Corporation as the move transformed the company into the world’s leader in business process and document management. And now Xerox has broadened its portfolio and opened doors for collaboration with new clients in all industries to automate workflow, manage information and extract meaning from different types of unstructured data and documents. For Xerox India, expanding the portfolio in high-end digital printing and office printing technology, and launching a four-colour technology platform in toner, laser, LED and solid ink were outstanding feats. “Though the inauguration of the Xerox India Innovation Hub in Chennai (in March 2010), which is the only Xerox research centre in an emerging market, was our most exciting achievement for the year. Researchers at this centre conduct extensive investigations based on the model of open innovation with leading Indian technology and academic institutes. Recently, we announced three projects aimed at exploring how new online techniques such as crowdsourcing can play a role in collaborative research and open innovation,” said Vipin Tuteja.

New decade, new Xerox! “In the year 2011, Xerox will continue its journey as a world-class services provider. Our focus on services is already producing good results for us. Nearly 50 percent of Xerox global revenue comes from its services – from 23 percent in 2009 and prior to our acquisition of ACS. In line with our corporate vision to be the best global business process and document management company worldwide, Xerox India will focus on providing end-to-end document management outsourcing services to our customers throughout India. In addition to services, Xerox’s printing business is still very much alive and thriving. In India, we foresee that copying and printing trends in colour multi-functions devices and digital production printing will witness formidable growth; however a bright future lies in providing document management services to SME and enterprise customers.  With its ever-strengthening services offerings, Xerox will be a key contributor to the changing landscape of the Indian IT Industry,” he said.

Presenting the industry insights, Vipin stated, “Focusing on services has been strategically important for many technology companies, and Xerox will continue on this track with its innovation, alliances and delivery excellence. In addition, businesses of all kinds continue to adopt green technologies which reduce costs and provide various environmental benefits. This trend will grow further in 2011, alongside increased use of business efficiency solutions and asset and infrastructure consolidation. We also expect businesses to develop more collaborative work environments which seek to optimize use of the cloud.”

“Xerox India customers can expect Xerox to deliver business solutions that optimize infrastructure, improve efficiency and enhance productivity at all levels of business processes – helping companies of all kinds become more competitive and generate more profits in 2011.  With a strong campaign to enhance awareness of document management services;  a successful portfolio in entry-level and mid-segment products in office that enhance colour adoption; and the broadest digital colour portfolio in the industry, Xerox India is poised on a path of reinvention and a strong growth story in 2011,” concluded  Vipin.

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