New Lithrone A37P: ideal for publishing and commercial printing


Tokyo based Komori Corporation, has recently announced the Lithrone A37P 37-inch convertible perfecting offset printing press as a new entry in the Lithrone A series presses.

The Lithrone A37P is a multifunctional press that offers high basic performance and is equipped with a sheet reversal mechanism that enables the user to perform double-sided or single-sided printing with just one press.

It is also very versatile, capable of printing on either thin or thick sheets. Since the Lithrone A37P permits not only one-pass four-colour printing but also front/back two-colour printing of 8-up impositions of A4 size sheets that include a colour bar for CMS in the margin, the press is ideal for high quality paged printed items. Primarily as a four-colour perfector but also as a two-colour press, the machine is a flexible solution for a wide range of orders, including reference works, dictionaries, promotional books, and comics.

The Lithrone A series presses offer a compact machine size and a maximum sheet size of 640 x 940 mm that is capable of meeting a wide range of needs, thus giving these machines a significant competitive edge in publishing and commercial printing work.

Since their introduction, these presses have won a solid reputation as highly functional machines suited to their target markets and have registered excellent sales results, mainly in Asian countries such as Japan, China and India.

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