AABC body reconstituted


Afro-Asian Book Council (AABC) announced the interim members of the council in a meeting held recently. As discussed, Sukumar Das will continue as the secretary general while Dr Terry O’Brien was unanimously appointed as the director (interim) and Pranav Gupta will be the assistant director (interim) until approved at the next AGM of the council.

Following sub-committees were also formed in the council: Newsletter Committee – Padmamalini G Rao and SK Khurana; Training Courses and Seminars – KPR Nair and Rajan Arya; Accounts and Membership Drive Committee – RK Mittal and Shikha Shome; Legal Matters – Dr RK Pruthi and Pranav Gupta; and Website/Online Systems Development – Pranav Gupta.

It was further discussed that the visibility of the council be increased by way of inducting more members not only from within the country but also from other countries of Asia and Africa in order to achieve its aims and objectives. Sukumar also mentioned about problems being faced internationally in the book world due to piracy and restrictive trade practices rampant in certain areas. In order to further the activities of the council, members also proposed to organize a seminar/event during the next New Delhi World Book Fair.

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