QuarkXPress 10 released with over 50 enhancements


Quark recently released QuarkXPress 10, the new version of the graphic design and page layout software for designers who love print and live digital. QuarkXPress 10 includes Quark’s new Xenon Graphics Engine, Retina display support, a modern architecture, and over fifty feature enhancements that streamline the design process and improve the design experience. It also continues support for ePub and out-of-the-box HTML5 authoring tools for App Studio, the leading cloud-based HTML5 solution for creating award-winning tablet and smartphone experiences. “This has been a monumental undertaking by the development team to thoroughly modernise QuarkXPress in terms of the application environment, architecture, user interface, and graphics engine,” said Dave White, chief technology officer for Quark. “We’re excited not only for this release, but also the foundation that has been put in place for future QuarkXPress features.”

QuarkXPress 10 is the first version of QuarkXPress to run as a native Cocoa app. Cocoa is the current and preeminent application environment for Mac OS X. Being a Cocoa app brings a number of benefits to QuarkXPress 10, including the ability to leverage the latest OS X features, maximise performance, and rapidly support new OS X releases.

Besides, Quark has engineered a new, state-of-the-art graphics engine from the ground that will be leveraged across a range of its products, starting with QuarkXPress 10. The new Xenon Graphics Engine renders rich PDFs, Photoshop and TIFF images, and uses its Adaptive Resolution feature to deliver designers the most appropriate onscreen resolution with maximum performance. The difference between viewing pixel and vector files in QuarkXPress 10 versus QuarkXPress 9 will be stunning for users.

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