Manugraph’s demo centre at Kolhapur – a success!


Mid this year, Manugraph started a demo centre at their Kolhapur facility in Maharashtra to showcase the Masterwork products to Indian manufacturers. The opening of the demo centre met with resounding success with Indian packaging manufacturers from various regions across India, visiting the factory to see these world class products. The live demonstrations focused on namely the MK420 fully automatic sheet inspection machine which adopts the new “machine vision” technology and the MK 1060M/MF automatic platen die cutting machine with stripping. These high technology products ensure utmost reliability and multi-functional capabilities ensuring customer satisfaction at all levels and giving Indian manufactures a chance to experience amazing quality, precision, reduced waste, and assured accuracy at affordable prices. Masterwork machines span the globe, with sales in the US, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Australia, Peru, Egypt, Japan, South Korea and its home market, China.

For packaging companies in India, buying a Masterwork packaging machine comes with several bonuses; the biggest being the advantage in price, unmatched quality & precision which gives complete value for money, several available financial options, the value addition of a possible buy back policy, complete saving on manpower as the machines are less labour intensive, reduced downtime, and most importantly the renowned Manugraph’s after sales service, which guarantees success in production all year round.

More recently, Manugraph took a quantum leap in the Gulf market with the sale of five Masterwork packaging machines, to leading companies. So impressed were the Gulf manufactures during their visit to China Print, touring the Tianjin Masterwork factory, that immediate orders were placed for three die cutting machines & two folder gluers with the

plasma option.

To visit the demo centre, contact Narendra Attarde at +91 9821228631 or

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