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Industry’s first in-line print-to-mail solution finally a commercial reality


RISO, Inc offers the industry’s first complete cut-sheet in-line print-to-mail solution. This solution is comprised of a new RISO ComColor 9150 or 7150 printer and the new wrapping envelope finisher which automatically addresses, folds, envelopes, and seals printed documents into ready-to-mail completed jobs in a single compact unit.

The RISO Wrapping Envelope Finisher offers product features that enable every user to meet the mail production requirements. It automatically prints, folds, inserts, and seals. Up to six tri-folded letter-sized pages or four quad-folded legal-sized pages can be wrapped and sealed in a single pass, producing a professionally finished mail piece. While, the RISO in-line print-to-mail solution eliminates the need for barcoding and intelligent inserters and the RISO in-line print-to-mail solution is engineered with high-volume output as a critical feature. At speeds up to 2,220 single page insert fully-wrapped and sealed mail pieces per hour, the industry’s first complete in-line print-to-mail solution can be used for all production environments.

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