Governing Council of IPAMA continue for another term


The 24th annual general meeting of IPAMA was successfully held under the chairmanship of KS Khurana, president IPAMA. The consensus of the House was that the present Governing Council has done an excellent job and elections need not be resorted to. Thus, the present Governing Council and Office Bearers would continue for the next term (2014-2016).

KS Khurana will continue as president, Sukhdev K Gupta as vice president – East; S Rajaram, vice president -West; Satish Bajwa, vice president – North; TR Mahajan, vice president – South; CP Paul – general secretary; Shafiq Ahmed – joint secretary – East; Manish A Panchal – joint secretary – West; Ashok Kumar Seth – joint secretary – North; S Dayaker Reddy – joint secretary – South and JS Kalsi as treasurer.

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