Printing stalwart KL Shroff leaves for his heavenly abode


K L Shroff (1937-2013), founder, Nu Tech Group, will always be remembered as a person who attained name, fame and riches by the dint of his education, undaunting will to fight hurdles through hard work and a vision to accomplish his dreams.

A Civil Engineer by profession, Shroff has hands-on experience of working at CPWD for eight years and later joining his cousins as a working partner at a trading agency (dealing in printing material) for five years. Recognising the business potential offered by the printing industry, he set up Nu Tech Photolithographers in 1971. Today, Nu Tech is a well-known printing unit which has won several national awards for excellence in printing. Shroff also embarked upon expansion and diversification plans by opening new printing and allied units in Delhi, Noida and Faridabad.

Shroff, an active member (district governor- 1990) of Lions Club, has also been instrumental in the development of the printing industry and served twice as president of AIFMP and once as president of Delhi Printer’s Association.

While reminiscing on his long career, Shroff once proudly stated, “My transformation from an engineer handling cement, sand, bricks and steel to printing ink, paper, cardboard boxes and printing machines is worth noting.”

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