Save water, use Kodak Sonora process free plates


Water conservation has become a priority that every industry needs to address. In this backdrop, Kodak’s SONORA process free plate technology could lead to impressive water savings for the commercial printing industry. Kodak’s SONORA plates eliminate the need for water to process plates before they are put on the press, setting a new standard for responsibility in prepress in terms of water conservation. Based on sales projections, Kodak estimates that during next year, use of SONORA plates could be directly responsible for saving up to 265 million liters of water.

Kodak is seeing rapid growth in SONORA plate adoption, with more than 400 new and converted customers.

While water is essential to commercial printing industry operations, Kodak is also mindful of its own water use. Kodak manufacturing facilities around the world closely monitor water consumption and have achieved a nearly 25 percent reduction in usage since 2009.

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