It is time to add a touch of class to your prints!


Editor – S K Khurana Good quality product and competitive rates – is it all that is required to sell a product? The answer is probably ‘No.’ We need to differentiate the product as well in the packaging and in marketing campaigns (print included). Product managers have become very demanding when it comes to packaging of a product as that’s what first attracts a customer.

When you go to a supermarket, there are host of products lined up together. Unless you have a brand loyalty towards a particular brand, you would be tempted towards eye-catching packaged products with foil stamping, UV curing, etc and you simply can’t resist picking it up, feel it and admire it. That’s what value-addition do – they capture eyeballs and make an impact in a customer’s mind.

These print enhancements are not just for packaging, they do equally well in print advertisements – more so for top-of-the-line products like jewellery advertisements, beverages, perfumes, etc. The value-added benefits of UV offset, specialty coating and other special effects are effectively used by a few brands who wish to stand a class apart. The three-dimensional textural feel provides a captivating value addition. Customers can not only get a sense of sight of the product, they can even feel it.

These value-additions can be added to various print jobs produced through various processes. So, you can add a 3-D touch to your mailer, print ad or even a Point-of-purchase material. The idea is to make an impact with your piece of communication.

Scodix Ltd, the leading provider of digital print enhancements for the graphic arts industry, recently organised Scodix Design Awards to honour the professionalism, creativity, and a superior understanding of the power of print enhancements. Each entry awarded seems to outshine the other. A report on the same has been included in this issue.

China’s largest menu producer – Jing Ping Dao Yuan- has been breaking new innovation ground in the menu marketplace by offering innovative and creative customized menus and wine lists – all with the help of Scodix Digital Enhancement Press.

Infact, such innovation can be used for any industry – it’s all about how you create it. The power of print enhancement is still untapped in many segments. Unleash this power and give creative and top-class offerings to your customers.

Educate them on the benefits of print enhancements, which will not only help you to stand out from your competitors but ‘print’ as a process may win over its upcoming rival—digital communication!.

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