Proofware to collaborate on packaging inspection


Global Vision, the industry leader in the development of innovative proofreading technologies, has recently released Proofware, the world’s first all-in-one, cloud-based, packaging inspection suite. Proofware allows users to secure their brand packaging end-to-end with a suite of advanced Quality Control (QC) tools to inspect text, artwork, spelling, Braille, barcodes and annotate.

“Proofware gives any enterprise instant access to everyone involved in the security of their brand copy and artwork throughout the enterprise,” explained Reuben Malz, president of Global Vision. “With Proofware a new level of collaboration is achieved between different teams within the organization, their customers and suppliers.” Proofware also includes e-signature, enables annotation, call-outs, stamps, measurement, and color inspection.

Proofware Apps include DocuProof – Text inspection; ArtProof – Artwork inspection; SpellProof – Multi-language spell check; BrailleProof – Braille translation; BarProof – Barcode verification and Notes – Annotation.

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