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New offerings from Garnett Papers


Garnett Papers (UK) has successfully launched an ultra stylish range of new finely crafted designer paper product swatches and corporate literature at Paperworld 2011. They launched the new literature in traditional Indian style to a group of over twenty major customers, key agents and distributors from European and other international markets.

The new brochure, entitled ‘because papers are meant to carry more than just words…’ features product information for all of Garnett Papers high calibre designer paper grades, whilst the new designer swatches are available for the grades including: Alchemy – a magnificent coated metallic, pearlescent & reflection paper and board available in 18 vibrant and attractive shades; Nero – a high quality deep dyed black bio-degradable and recyclable covering and lining paper; Indiprint – a textured paper and board specially designed for digital printing applications in a choice of two textures, compatible for printing on HP Indigo series printers, Xerox iGen series, Epson, Xante and all other digital printing machines; Excelprint – a unique textured paper and board, suitable for digital and commercial printing; Ecoline – a covering and lining paper available in 14 lightfast shades and Blue Angel certified; and Libretto – a premium covering paper with superior stretch properties combined with high strength and available in 6 lightfast shades.

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