Times Group shines at QCI – DL Shah Quality Competition- 2014


India’s leading newspaper The Times of India’s Kandivali (press) recently won the QCI – D L Shah Quality Award for Project Optimization of Printing Consumable and Impact on Green Printing Commendation Awards while the Sahibabad (press) won the award for project ‘Adopting Innovation in Newspaper’. Besides, Bangalore (Pre-press) unit won the award for Project “C360 Degree Improvement Thought Process Optimization”. This is the third time in row that Production Department of CIG projects from Delhi plant, Ahmedabad plant, and Kandivili plant were awarded.

The QCI-DL Shah Quality Awards have been instituted with a view to promote awareness that performance improvement through quality initiatives is an important element for gaining a competitive edge. The Award recognises successful projects (in the form of case studies) of an organisation that have resulted in continuous improvement of products and/or services, better and effective operations as well as increased customers/stakeholders satisfaction.

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