Pressline’s PRIMA to land in Kings’ court


Pressline India Pvt Ltd is set to deliver its PRIMA web machine configured as auto splicer (DRS/AS) + 4 high towers equipped with folder up to 1/8th fold at Kings Security Printers Private Limited based at Umbergaon in Valsad District near Mumbai. Kings Security Printers is known for its high-quality print production and total customer satisfaction and care. PRIMA is equipped with automatic blanket washer which ensures blanket cleaning on the run optimising blanket cleaning time as well as make-ready waste.

The automatic blanket washer from Pressline India is finding a prime position with web press users all over India and abroad due to its innovative technology which focuses on non-stop printing, least down time and operator’s safety. Kings Security Printers intends to produce high-quality books on PRIMA in 4 colours.

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