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New 3-knife trimmer for notebook manufacturing


Pramod Engineering Works has recently launched an automatic 3-knife trimmer, that is indigenously designed, devised and manufactured. They claim that the 3-knife trimmer is super productive machine for the note book manufacturers and can produce 8,000 copies per hour- book blocks or 1,50,000 copies in a single shift.

It can be used to trim book block size between 120 mm x 100 mm. (4.72” x 3.93”) and 670 mm x 320 mm (27” x 12.59”). It can be used for stitched copies of upto 12-16 mm thickness, which can be cut in all the three sides. One can also use a 4th knife attachment, which can enhance production by 100 percent. The waste paper is ejected on a special conveyer belt. It is ideally suited for 2-up notebook operations.

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