Mutoh unpacks two new UV-LED printers


In response to the dire needs of innovative outputs in the current signage/graphic art market, Mutoh unpacks two new UV LED printers viz. ValueJet 426UF tabletop and ValueJet 1626UH. Engineered in a way to perfectly fit for print shops looking to expand their applications and mark an entry into the world of UV printing, ValueJet 426UF is a 19 inch tabletop UVLED printer capable to print on varieties of materials, including 3D objects, up to 2.75 inch thick using Mutoh’s 100 percent solid UV-LED ink. It can churn on limitless promotional items including pens, phone cases, golf balls, awards, etc.

ValueJet 1626UH is 64 inch UV-LED hybrid printer featured with flexibility to print on roll media as well. Its dual function and multiple application design saves floor space and ideal for printing POP displays, indoor displays and packaging prototypes. VJ 1626UH also comes with Mutoh’s VSM (ValueJet Status Monitor) app for remote printer management and the half inch print height, faster speeds, optional SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer and ability to print with white ink and varnish makes the VJ 1626UH the smart choice for any size print shop. For further enquiries, contact Negi Sign Systems & Supplies Co at:

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