Fogra confirms EFI’s VUTEk LED printers 82 percent energy safe


A new recognition in green benefits is dawned as energy assessments carried out by Fogra have confirmed that EFI’s VUTEk wide-format printers with LED curing show energy reductions of up to 82 percent when compared with devices that use conventional mercury arc lamps. Even in print-ready mode, EFI’s LX printers with ‘cool curing’ LEDs are now shown to save up to 77 percent in power consumption, simply because the LEDs are off, unlike mercury arc lamps that still consume power when the machine is in idle mode between jobs.

Fogra’s comparisons with digital printers using conventional curing lamps showed that the former used 1.18kW/sq m while VUTEk GS3250LX Pro consumes only 0.22 kW/sq m. This impressive scoring adds to the functional flexibility incorporated into EFI’s LED-curing printers, with their ability to work with thinner and more sensitive materials, as well as lower cost media.

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