Kodak releases Nexpress VII front end configurable solution


Built on open standards to offer a highly scalable and configurable architecture, Kodak Nexpress VII Front End with System 15.1 software allow an operation to expand in processing power as production needs in image and data intensity grow in parallel.

The announcement is paired with the introduction of the Long Sheet Delivery Unit, a new accessory that, when used with a Kodak Nexpress digital production colour press, empowers printers with the flexibility of delivering larger sheet sizes to support a wider variety of applications. The technologies continue to expand the Kodak Nexpress platform-enabled applications that empower commercial print providers to continually differentiate themselves with growing and innovative print solutions.

The Kodak Nexpress VII Front End drives all the presses within the Kodak Nexpress digital production colour platform and is the first digital press front end in the industry to have achieved Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.2 certification. Beyond offering robust job management, imposition, colour management, screening, raster image processing, engine/accessory control and maintenance services, the DFE VII Front End comes in two configurations to serve printers’ different needs with: Ultra Performance for new capabilities like SmartRGB as well as photo-rich and high variable data content applications like direct mail and transactional printing; and High Performance suited to support standard commercial digital print applications.

In fact, electronics, specifically Digital Front Ends (DFEs), has traditionally been an area where digital presses have not had the same benefits as an offset press design. While an older offset press can sustain production for decades, digital devices have often become obsolete as advances in electronics are incorporated in new designs and offerings from manufacturers. With Nexpress Presses, Kodak has made a concerted effort to change that approach with the continuous improvement and availability of robust, proprietary front end electronics for the press. To support that endeavour, Kodak is introducing the Kodak Nexpress VII Front End high performance and ultra performance configurations, the newest DFEs for the Kodak Nexpess platform.

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