Improved range of inkjet-printed papers with Good Deinkablility demonstrated


The Digital Print Deinking Alliance (DPDA) has observed the positive results from numerous deinking studies presented at the recent PTS/CTP Deinking Symposium in Munich, Germany. “I think the industry is beginning to recognise that there are many successful combinations of paper and inkjet inks that pass the INGEDE Method 11/ERPC Scorecard deinkability assessment,” said Kodak’s Don Burns, business development director, Inkjet Technology Partnerships.

At this year’s symposium, Alexander Schiller of Fogra Graphic Technology Research Organisation shared the results of a major study using four manufacturers of inkjet inks and nine papers tested for deinkability according to INGEDE Method 11/ERPC Scorecard. The results were positive as all but one ink/paper combination passed this test and 90 percent of the Deinking Scores ranged from 72 – 100 and therefore were classified as having ‘Good Deinkability’ under both Stationary and Publishing metrics. The single failure was later explained by the manufacturer to be related to a prototype ink still in development.

The DPDA is an industry association whose members include HP, Kodak, Océ and Ricoh.

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