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Mr Letterpress and Ms Cotton welcome their firstborn son: Max White


Eighteen months after Mr Letterpress, a descendant of the printing press’s inventor Johannes Gutenberg, was wed to Ms Cotton, a fine and respectable lady from Gmund at Lake Tegernsee, the couple proudly announced the birth of their first child – Max White.Measuring 100 by 70 cm and weighing up to 600 gsm, little Max is a handsome young fellow among paper creations! This new member of the family complements Ms Cotton’s series of colours. Max White wins admirers thanks to perfect

print results and absolutely pure white paper with a naturally soft surface of 100 percent cotton.

Ms Cotton, also known by her maiden name ‘Gmund Cotton’, offers a series of classically elegant variations in the following colours: Linen Cream, New Grey, Gentlemen Blue, Power Blue, and softly shimmering Shiny Cream. Also available are matching envelopes in elegant formats, all manufactured from pure cotton. Weighty and eye-catching with grammages from 110 to 900 g/m², the company offers voluminous and featherlight with paper volumes up to 2.0.

Illustrated with a hand-sketched portrait of Max White, the letterpress-printed birth announcement was mailed to more than 2,000 printing houses, creative agencies, and brandname m a n u f a c t u r e r s in Asia, the USA, Australia and Europe. The cards were created by the Letterjazz printing atelier. The idea and design of the Gmund Cotton Family were created by the New Cat Orange agency. Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type printing over 450 years ago in Germany, the same country where the Cotton Family is produced today.

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