Kumar Printers installs prepress solutions from Fujifilm


Manesar (Gurgaon) based Kumar Printers Pvt Ltd has recently installed Fujifilm Thermal CtP Luxel 9300 NS along with FLH-85 RZ plate processor (ZAC technology). Kumar Printers is one of the premier companies in northern India with specialization in packaging segment. Luxel CtP platesetter provides: maximum quality for fine AM and second generation FM screening, productivity up to 51 B1plates per hour at 2400dpi, with registration accuracy.

Fujifilm has set new standards in chemistry consumption and maintenance with its multi-award winning FLH-Z ‘ZAC’ range of processors. Compared to typical processors and finishing units, the FLH-Z ‘ZAC’ processors, part of Fujifilm’s low-chemistry family of solutions, now offer printers unrivalled savings by giving them the ability to develop around 8,000 sqm of plates with just one replenisher bath. This improvement means that printers can now achieve the industry’s lowest chemistry consumption figures with a ‘ZAC’ system. For example, for a printer using around 10,000 sq m of plates over a 1-3 month period, chemistry consumption can be reduced to around 216 Litres, a reduction of up to 80 percent (depending upon existing system used).

In addition, both Brillia HD LH-PJE and HD LH-PLE ‘lo-chem’ plates processed in a ‘ZAC’ processor incorporate an Enhanced Development Layer (EDL) enhancing the solubility of the non-image areas during development, further aiding bath life, giving wider developing latitude and resulting in much cleaner working. As the chemistry contains no alcohol or solvents, this further enhances the working environment. Finally, because of the way the ‘ZAC’ processor intelligently controls replenisher delivery, the system is more stable making it much easier to achieve high quality, irrespective of changes to environmental conditions. This is particularly important for demanding FM screening applications.

The FLH-Z ‘ZAC’ processor incorporates unique Fujifilm software to intelligently control the amount of replenisher used in the plate-making process, typically reducing chemistry usage by 75 percent. Maintaining the ideal developer activity allows bath life to be greatly extended beyond the norm for these systems – partly achieved due to the composition of the processing chemistry.

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