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The first DuPont Cyrel FAST workflow in Bangladesh landed at Padma Group


Bangladesh-based Padma Group purchased a DuPont Cyrel CDI FAST workflow from DuPont India. It is the first installation of CDI Fast workflow in Bangladesh, which makes the total number of installation of DuPont Cyrel CDI FAST in Indian sub continent reaching eight.

As per Mainul Haq Khan, managing director of Padma, “Now we are in a position to make plate in-house and in quick time, which in turn increases our productivity. Besides bringing plate making process in-house, the commitment to environment is also what we are pursuing. And DuPont CDI FAST workflow enables us eliminate the solvent washout and drying steps, leaving behind nothing to clean once the plate is on the press.”

“We are happy that Padma shares our conviction in the Digital Fast Technology to help them meet their quality and productivity needs, while demonstrating environmental stewardship.” commented Prasenjit Das, marketing specialist of DuPont India, who signed the contract with Padma Group.

Founded in Bangladesh, 1987, Padma Group of Companies started with the manufacture of aluminium Pilfer Proof Cap (PP Cap) for pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Within a decade it diversified its range of products by manufacturing ampoules, vials, vial seals, aluminium collapsible tubes and plastic laminated tubes.

Technologies like Cyrel FAST system and the Cyrel FAST Round system have enhanced the capabilities of flexographic printers across the world, enabling greater design flexibility, speed, and higher print quality. Cyrel FAST reduces plate making time by over 70 percent and eliminates usage of organic or inorganic solvents. These systems also help reduce emissions and energy consumption.

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