Ten years of CIP4 and Muller Martini


– a success story that has benefited the graphic arts industry

Today’s fully integrated, digital production systems would be inconceivable without a digital workflow system. What’s more, the CIP4-compliant connection of all machines is the basis for a modern workflow for any graphic arts business. For the past ten years, Muller Martini has therefore been working with the CIP4 organization to ensure that finishing systems can communicate effortlessly with prepress and printing systems.

Ever since the foundation of the organization ten years ago, Muller Martini has been an active member of the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP4). In addition to making a name for itself with JDF/JMF specifications and the automation of production processes, Muller Martini has also hosted two CIP4 conferences this decade with the organization: one in 2004 in Zofingen (Switzerland) and one in 2010 in Newport News (USA).

JDF – highly beneficial! Across the globe, an increasing number of machine manufacturers and graphics arts businesses are taking advantage of the great benefits offered by Job Definition Format (JDF) and Job Messaging Format (JMF) and their various applications. Numerous Muller Martini customers have integrated their finishing systems into their Management Informations System (MIS) based on JDF. According to Markus Schluep, a long-standing representative of Muller Martini in the CIP4 organization, “New digital solutions in particular, with their fully automated production processes, require a digital workflow – and JDF does the job well.”

Many businesses worldwide have opted to install a fully integrated SigmaLine production system from Muller Martini. The SigmaLine works in-line to produce softcover and hardcover books, as well as stitched magazines – from the print data right through to the finished products. This impressive performance is made possible by the Connex digital workflow system, which ensures seamless interaction of all assemblies based on JDF/JMF. Connex communicates with all the machines involved: it ensures high levels of safety and transparency during production, generates job data for all systems and facilitates sorting, grouping and planning of orders. Another major benefit of Connex, upon which all Muller Martini’s new and future developments are based, is the close cooperation between Muller Martini and the world’s leading manufacturers of digital printing systems. This cooperation forms the basis for seamless integration of printing presses into the entire production systems workflow.

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