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The trend towards participation in smaller shows is gaining grounds in India. The recent show concluded in Chennai gave an opportunity to our representative D Ramalingam (DR) to interact briefly with Pankaj Kalra (PK), head – Graphic Communications Business, Xerox India Ltd at their stand. He explained about the focus on Book on Demand, pre-owned machines facility and Photo Book production alongside the Xerox Color 1000 Press. Here is a brief. DR: Since meeting you last time at the same venue in Chennai when you had introduced Certified Economic Value (CEV) programme, what is your focus this time?

PK: Our focus on CEV continues and we are now on to focus ‘Book on Demand’ and ‘Photo Books’ this time. ‘Book on Demand’ has been a growing business world over so is ‘Photo Books’ and as such we thought could be better idea to focus for Chennai this time.

DR: Yes, ‘Photo Books’ is a good idea. The professional photographers have switched over to ‘Photo Books’ from conventional photo albums. Can you enlarge on ‘Book on Demand’ programme?

PK: ‘Book on Demand’ is doing well with our Espresso Book Machine wherein from imposition software to printing to finishing with folding, cover inserting, binding and trimming can be configured. The text and cover portions are printed separately forming part of larger configuration.

DR: Any machine installed in India?

PK: Not yet, but I can foresee its use, for example, in Landmark in Chennai. Authors, who cannot find a ready publisher, can go to Landmark, give their input and get book/books made for further submission to a publishing house or even deliver to a particular reader as a single copy on demand. We are showcasing our Xerox Color 1000 press in this expo to explain the users how one can configure to make it an On Demand Press for book/books.

DR: Is there a further update on your CEV offer?

PK: Definitely, this time we are explaining our offers on pre-owned machines of different ages. One can opt depending upon the requirement as one chooses a pre-owned car from the market. Due to our quality not being compromised and our un-interrupted service support, we make it affordable too, one can start with our Xerox 4112 Enterprise Printing System, which is also being shown here.

DR: In the last two or three years, awareness factor setting on the user, competitions in this area are increasing. How do you counter it at Xerox?

PK: It is always good to have competitions. We were one of the first ones in the market. We have established ourselves with our quality and service. With our experience in customer support, we have instances where user comes back to us after testing the competitors’ products. We innovate and with user friendliness, we earn a name for our customer support.

DR: Your gallery of products is containing webs and wide formats too, how these find place in our country?

PK: It is a good question. There are webs running in India already. Wide formats are used for ‘Plan Xerox’ and many of them are supplied for CAD centers. The core product remains the sheet fed in digital press in our country.

“But ‘Advantage Xerox’ is the choice of products from copier to digital printing. Our software support and choice of servers make the decision easier for specific needs,” concluded Pankaj.

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