Color Dots caters cascade of colour perfection


How could we get perfect colour accuracy in end-prints? This is a common question almost everyone in the industry keeps asking. The answer however lies at New Delhi-based Color Dots Prepress Studio, which boasts of its world class prepress colour management facility. While talking to Print & Publishing, Tarun Chopra of Color Dots Prepress Studio underlined the company’s infrastructure being boosted with a brand new Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C6000, added recently to its existing portfolio. Color Dots Prepress Studio has been updated itself to varied levels over the last nine years of its existence in the industry. Established as a service bureau equipped merely with an image setter, the company is now more of having expertise in prepress colour management. “We are the first company, which adopted the GMG Color software featuring a complete module of proof validations,” asserted Tarun. Latest adoption of Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C6000 in the company’s facility is an added intensification of it portfolio.

After installation of CtP machine, company involved with Ugra, an international certifying agency for PSO implementation. Today, Color Dots is India’s first and world’s fourth Ugra-certified PSO compliant prepress service provider, which maintains quality comparable to global standards. Concerning the company’s unique quality maintenance, Tarun admitted, “We don’t believe in mass market snatch but in meager quality work.” He added that those counting on number are not on the growth path, they are simply on survival path.

Since colour has been briefly the company’s main concentration, Tarun sensibly said that industry people should overcome the misconception of press being the decision maker on colour/shade. “When we talk about colour, there are some specific (colour) values of every colour, in which ‘lighting’ is also one of the rock solid foundations used in colour management,” he mentioned giving an instance that perfect colour matching could never be brought out under CFL light.

On choosing Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C6000, Tarun remarked that the machine is for entry level production, but is quite consistent. “Feel of the prints that churned out on this machine is pretty close to offset; not very bright or garish, it looks similar to the real,” he asserted. Tarun urged that Color Dots is not a normal shop, which easily bears with downtime of machine and situations to wait technical supports for hours or days. All these are profoundly understood by Monotech Systems Limited, the exclusive dealer of Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C6000.

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