Enabling effective anti-counterfeiting


Kodak Traceless Anywhere System for anti-counterfeiting strengthens brand protection against product diversion and counterfeiting Kodak’s Security Solutions group recently announced the availability of the Kodak Traceless Anywhere System for anti-counterfeiting. Designed to help brand owners, companies and law enforcement agencies combat counterfeiting and product diversion, the Traceless Anywhere System combines robust, proprietary marker material with a discreet, handheld, field deployable reader. This combination enables users to effectively detect illegally marketed products and merchandise.

The Traceless Anywhere System offers ease of implementation into companies’ existing manufacturing or printing processes to minimize impact on product and packaging processes. The proprietary marker material can be implemented on a wide range of material types including plastics, foils, corrugated and flexible packaging, labels and documents. A variety of application types can be used, including flexographic, offset, gravure, screen, pad and thermal transfer print methods. The system’s pocket reader enables companies to deploy a discrete field authentication strategy. The easy to transport, battery-operated reader displays colour coded LEDs to indicate the presence of different types of marker formulations. Companies and brand owners work with Kodak to customize programming for specific tracking purposes. This adaptable function also allows companies to regionalize and localize their brand protection strategies. For companies seeking to safeguard products along the entire supply chain, the Traceless Anywhere System can be integrated with other overt and covert offerings from the Kodak security solutions portfolio to build a multi-layered brand protection model.

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