Perfect Print & Pack: where innovation is the rule of the game


Vasai-based Perfect Print & Pack has recently invested in a fully automatic lamination
machine from Ample Graphics Pvt Ltd. Here Harshad Patel, director, Perfect Print & Pack,
shares more about their company and the new installation, in conversation with Varsha Verma.

Perfect Print & Pack is a well-known packaging printer in Mumbai, with expertise in all types of cartons. They mainly cater to FMCG clients as their work is always challenging, requiring newer and newer development and innovations. Here, Harshad Patel, director, Perfect Print & Pack, shares more about their set-up. Excerpts.

P&P: What is the current installation base and production capacity of your unit?

Harshad: We are currently equipped with two six colour Heidelberg machines, one with UV interdecks and one for conventional printing. Recently, we have installed fully automatic Lamination for faster turnarounds. With fully automatic production line, we daily produce around 7-8 lacs cartons.

P&P: What are your expansion plans?

Harshad: With continuous growth in packaging, we are planning our expansion in packaging. Currently, we are facing bottle neck in post press area, automatic die cutting and folder gluer. So, these will be the areas where we are eyeing new investment.

P&P: The USP of your company is UV printing on rigid PVC. Please share more details.

Harshad: We print on all kinds of PP, PVC, PET and HIPS. We have developed our expertise in this area. We print around 2-3 lakhs PP sheet per month. We can give all the quality parameters in that area.

P&P: How has the post press facilities in India improved over the years and tell us something about your company’s relationship with Ample Graphics?

Harshad: If one has to be competitive in the market, then one has to go for automation. In India lots of development has been done in post press area, newer technology is available which can help us to get faster production with good quality and Ample graphics has helped us in that. We do lot of MET PET cartons and with increasing quantities, we were not able meet the requirements of MET PET lamination. So, we decided to go for automatic lamination machine, and Ample graphics has given us the best machine in the industry. After installing this machine, our production capacity has increased and we are able to give good service to our customer.

P&P: How do you see the future of packaging in India and your company in particular?

Harshad: Packaging is growing at the rate of 15% per annum and I believe that if we give proper quality and service to our customers, our business is bound to grow.

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