Demand for commercial-quality newspapers on the rise


To meet demand for commercial-quality newspapers, pioneering Chinese newspaper publisher and long-time Goss press user Yangzhou Newspaper Media Group is to install a new Goss Magnum press with a combination of heatset and coldset printing capabilities in late 2011. “Our readers are demanding commercial quality newspapers, so we need to build a new production platform to meet the requirements,” explains deputy general manager Shi Kangning, “Choosing the Magnum press family that we trust, with semi-commercial heatset printing capability gives us the confidence and ability to bring new visual enjoyment to our readers. It will also give print advertisers more leverage in the competitive marketplace.”

The Magnum 4 press in the ‘MV400’ hybrid configuration will include two four-high coldset towers and a four-high tower equipped with a heatset dryer. The system will produce up to 40,000 newspapers per hour and feature three-form ink rollers for high print quality, advanced tension control and folding capabilities, and an integrated digital workflow. Yangzhou Newspaper Media Group, who began printing its flagship Yangzhou Daily in full colour on a Goss Community press nearly 20 years ago, installed a Goss Magnum 4 press and a Goss Community SSC press in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

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