Kapoor Imaging to launch True CTCP Plate in India


With the abolition of anti-dumping duty on digital plates, major importer of plates in India – Kapoor Imaging Pvt Ltd, would be launching a TRUE CTCP plate with higher sensitivity. Called UV – PH CTCP plate, it is a faster plate – faster by 20% than regular PS plates in the market and can record 1% to 99% dots. It has higher sensitivity, which means the pre press bureau will have more “TurnAround.”

Apart from high sensitivity, these plates also offer higher run length upto 100 – 125K Impression with Normal inks (unbaked). It can also be used for UV inks (short run) upto 5000 Impressions.

While, baked plates can run above 200,000 impressions with normal inks and 50,000 with UV inks.

UV –PH is not only blue in colour, similar to thermal plates, but the plate itself is comparable to thermal plates. If good developer is used, it will have less sludge and makes processor cleaning with less effort.

Kapoor Imaging Pvt Ltd has also launched 2 Layer Thermal plates TPU, which can work with UV plates – unbaked 50,000 Impression (and is non abalative). It is qualified for all SETTERS.

Kapoor Imaging will also be launching CHEM FREE Violet plates – PPVG (which save gallons of water for customer) and is suitable for newspapers in mid segment with a run length of 100,000– 125,000 impressions.

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