UK’s first Xeikon 3500 goes to Labelsprint


Xeikon 3500.”only covet ‘short run work, we firmly believe that we can produce substantially longer print runs with the new Labelsprint Ltd has announced the purchase of the UK’s first Xeikon 3500 digital colour label press. The machine provides for a wider media width than other Xeikon label presses, offering Labelsprint significant opportunities to run both wider and longer label runs and to print smaller format products more efficiently and more cost effectively.  “I knew when we were being shown the Xeikon 3500 for the very first time at an industry demonstration in Belgium that it was the machine that we needed to rise above the rest of the digital market,” said Gary Lovell, sales director of Labelsprint, “As the leader in the digital label printing sector we have to appreciate that our production solution is not simply about producing short runs at a lower cost than everybody else. That is not going to continue as a sustainable business for very long. Whilst other companies in the digital label market

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