Müller and Hunkeler pool expertise in the field of digital sheet finishing


Müller and Hunkeler in Wikon, Switzerland have agreed that Hunkeler should take over the complete sales and service business for the DocuTrim sheet finishing system. The two companies are currently finalising the contract documents.

Hunkeler will initially take charge of business across Europe and then gradually extend its activities to other markets. DocuTrim was developed by Müller and has already been launched to the market. “This agreement represents a consistent step in the expansion of Müller’s global activities,” said proprietor Robert Fortmeier and director Thorsten Piel as they expressed their enthusiasmwith the deal. Müller will benefit from Hunkeler’s worldwide sales and service network, whereas Hunkeler will be gaining a first-class product in the DocuTrim. As Michel Hunkeler, CEO of Hunkeler AG, confidently stated,”This sales partnership lays the foundation that will enable us to provide new, innovative solutions to the highest standard in the digital sheet finishing segment. The DocuTrim perfectly complements our Generation 8, POPP6 and 7 continuous-feed product lines.”

Hunkeler has been active on behalf of the printing industry since it was founded in 1922. The company can draw on many years of know-how in the field of engineering and boasts a highly competent sales and service network. Müller is a traditional family company founded in 1965. It produces flexible paper management solutions for the automated processing of digital print products. The two companies’ vast experience and wide range of applications form the perfect basis for such a collaboration.Customers now have the combined benefit of an excellent product plus technicians and support staff with global experience.

Joint project: DocuTrim

DocuTrim is a multifunctional system for online sheet finishing and meets all requirements in the areas of cutting, perforating, creasing and sequential stacking. It enables the cutting of formats in various finishes such as position-independent slit cuts and cut-outs as well as dynamic perforation and creasing with horizontal and vertical lines.

Hunkeler – excellence In paper processing

Solutions from Hunkeler for pre- and post-digital printing are available for almost any imaginable application. Publishing applications for small to medium runs, computer centres, transactional and transpromo, security printing or creative direct mailing: they offer the highest quality solutions for all of these applications.

Müller – flexible paper management systems

Müller stands for the extremely flexible processing of digital print products: automated stitching, folding, cutting, inserting and affixing plastic cards in varying degrees of complexity. Müller paper management solutions can be individually configured from over 100 combinable modules.

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