Valence launches static charging systems


Electrostatic charging systems are becoming more and more important as they are a precise and temporary material bonding solution for a range of industrial applications.

Valence Electrons Private Limited, an ATE Group company based in Bengaluru, has recently launched a range of static charging electrodes powered by high voltage (HV) generators. A Valstat charging electrode and HV generator together provide a compact, sturdy, and efficient system for generating electrostatic charges. Thus Valence has extended its portfolio of electrostatic solutions. The Valstat range of static solutions now includes AC-DC static charge eliminators, ionised air guns and nozzles, centrifugal fan-based ionising air blowers, fan-based ionisers, passive static dischargers and now, electrostatic charging systems.

Valstat static charging electrodes have engineered plastic enclosures with epoxy encapsulated parts. These static charging electrodes are available in two variants: point static chargers and linear static charging bars. Point charging electrodes are suitable for localised charging and edge pinning in mould labeling applications. Linear charging bars are suitable for use in stacking and pinning applications.

Ashok Sethuram, Director, Valence Electrons, said, “Our products are designed based on our deep domain knowledge and expertise. Our customised designs ensure high reliability for demanding and complex industrial applications. We are happy to launch these ‘Made in India’ static charging solutions.”

Valence believes that its static charging solution will provide customers with a competitive edge through the direct impact it has on enhanced production and improved precision, thus leading to increased sales and profitability.

Valence is a leader in the design and manufacture of world class solutions for static electricity, ink handling, surface cleaning, and heat recovery for a plethora of industries such as flexible packaging, printing, textiles, plastics, glass, automobile, pharmaceutical, and more.

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