Technotrans fine filtration unit at Heidelberg PMA in Chennai


Printers visiting the Heidelberg Print Media Academy in Chennai can now have a first-hand experience of the fine filtration system. One of the system suppliers for the offset printing industry, technotrans has successfully installed an alpha.f fine filtration unit at the PMA. The filtration unit is connected to the dampening solution cycle in a bypass-system to keep the dampening solution clean at all the time.

“The dampening solution filtration unit is no more a nice-to-have system, but a must-have system for today’s offset printing industry. With increasing economic and ecologic pressures, the dampening filtration system offers the perfect solution to save money and protect the environment. The dampening solution is kept clean for weeks before it needs to be changed. Press down time and maintenance frequency are greatly reduced. With a fine filtration system, many hidden costs are removed from the press room,” says Matthew S T Sunil, general manager, technotrans India, who is pleased with this first showcase installation.

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