S B Packaging reduces print waste with A.T.E. ViewAXIS Tera!


After installing the ViewAXIS Tera, S B Packaging has experienced precise and efficient web monitoring; improved error identification and improved productivity.

Established in 1992, S B Packaging Pvt Ltd., is one of the leading companies in the food and hygienic packaging sectors in India. S B Packaging was the first ISO 9001 certified flexible packaging company in India and is regarded as a pioneer in adopting the latest technologies in the Indian packaging sector.


The printing and converting industry has become very competitive with rising demands for improved print quality and competitive costs, which in turn have created pressure for reduced job run times, and reduced material wastage.

Like a number of converters, S B Packaging faces issues with its printing process. Rotogravure printing is subject to common printing defects such as voids, streaks, missing prints, and colour variations, among others. During a print run, an operator checks the print quality by visually inspecting the print web. However, at web speeds of hundreds of metres per minute, it is impossible for an unassisted human eye to spot printing errors or defects on the running print web.

Conventional web video systems allow the operator to view a stationary image of only a section of the print web. Until now, the only way to monitor the full width of the print web was to use a stroboscope. However, the constant flicker of a stroboscope strains the eyes when used for long durations. Additionally, even with a stroboscope, only a section of the print web can be examined if the width is over 600 mm. The undetected defects thus lead to rejections and material wastage, resulting in reduced productivity and profitability.

S B Packaging approached A.T.E. for a solution to the challenges they were facing. After an evaluation, A.T.E. recommended the ViewAXIS Tera.

About ViewAXIS Tera

The ViewAXIS Tera is the first of its kind – a full print repeat web monitoring system for superior process monitoring. It captures sharp, high resolution, ‘near-print quality’ images at full production speeds, using fast, high-resolution line scan cameras. The output is visualised on a 55” 4K true colour display screen.

The ViewAXIS Tera shows the operator a stationary image of the entire width and repeat of the print web. Looking at the image, an operator can spot print errors on the print web and take corrective action to reduce repeating print errors, thus reducing material wastage.


After installing the ViewAXIS Tera, S B Packaging has experienced:

  • Precise and efficient web monitoring
  • Improved error identification
  • Consistent print quality
  • Reduced material rejection
  • Improved productivity

Rajkapoor Ahlawat, DGM, S B Packaging, remarked, “Quality improvement was our objective and the full print repeat monitoring system helped us achieve our purpose! With ViewAXIS Tera, the print errors and defects don’t get missed. The picture quality on 55” 4K screen assists in faster identification of errors. Operators are now in a much better position to identify the print defects and take corrective action to reduce print errors. The ViewAXIS Tera also identifies repeating defects in real-time to reduce material wastage and lessen rework.”

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