Fully automatic reflection embossing machines on the anvil


Atlas Industrial Corporation is launching a new advanced model of ZHONGTAI’s fully automatic reflection embossing machines which can now produce micro embossing, deep embossing and 2D effects & trademarks simultaneously from a single plate in one go.

The manufacturers are now providing extra heavy duty embossing cylinders duly metal seasoning to avoid seasonal effects as well as using several other imported parts like electronics & ball bearings from Japan, BECKER air pumps from Germany, electric motors and copper wirings from Taiwan and many essential parts to ensure better performance and long life of the machine. Speed of the machine is also increased from 2,000 impressions to 4,000 impressions per hour at no extra cost. ZHONGTAI machines are now exported to many countries and have over 200 installations to their credit.

Atlas is also introducing YUANYONG high precision semi-automatic motorized screen printing machines for multi-colour printing and PCB manufacturing with perfect registration. It is equipped with imported PLC controlling circuit, electrical & pneumatic components, precision linear guide rails and servo motors for efficient operation and better results.

YUANYONG screen printing machines are now available in three convenient sizes — 400 x 600 mm, 600 x 800 and 600 x 800 mm at affordable prices. The company can also supply complete plants for PCB Manufacturing.

The company also offers SOS low budget velvet coating and Crystal UV coating machines with combined IR and UV Dryers available in 650 mm and 900 mm width.

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