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Here, Rajesh Agrawal, SRK Technology shares more about their principals and products in conversation with P&P.

P&P: Tell us about your principals YOCO, Steinemann Albo, EURO PROGETTI & Pantec?

Rajesh: Shanghai Yoco is the oldest Die-cutter and foil stamping product in India and still running proudly with all the top customers in India. We are still the leader in this segment though many cheap chines companies come to market but Leader is always a Leader.

We started our company with Steinemann Lamination machine and proudly inform that it’s the first choice of any printing and packaging company in India. Water base Lamination has many problems such as high glue consumption, high electricity consumption, low speed. etc. Besides, the laminated paper/board curl on the top. As a result, the machine cannot run on high speed. Steinemann Lamination machine is the answer to it.

For Albo, Sweden, we have over 30 installations in India for over 15 years and still all machines are favorites of our customers.

Europrogetti is our Italian rigid box machine which is searching their first customer in India. This is a high speed and very high quality machine for high end luxury and mobile boxes.

While, Pantec Switzerland are leaders in foil stamping in label and flexible packaging. We are working in this segment for last three years.

P&P: What is their installation base in India?

Rajesh: In all, we have approximately 130 installations. Frankly speaking, the kind of products we have, our customers have multiple machines from us. If you talk value, then we have over Rs. 500 cr worth of machine installation in India.

P&P: What is the USP of these products?

Rajesh: Our USP is high quality. No one in our market can say we are selling low quality or cheap product because quality comes with good price. So we do not have low cost low quality product.

P&P: What about after sales service?

Rajesh: Firstly our target is after sales service. If I have 2 meetings in a day and one for sales and other for service related issue, I first take up service call to satisfy my customer. We are all India company since our customers are all over from Punjab to Manipal to Ahmedabad to Guwahati. We give after sales service to all of them.

P&P: Any new installation on the cards? If yes, please share details.

Rajesh: Every month we have new installations. We have 3 installation in Jan and 4 in Feb. All I can say of these, two installations are in Silvasa and one in Noida.

P&P: How has been the year 2018 for you?

Rajesh: 2018 has been a very good year but 2019 looks very promising.

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