Short and medium-run high-quality print runs at fgb


In order to stand out in producing any print run size, the book producer Freiburg Graphic Design Company (fgb) from Freiburg recently invested in two new Ventura MC thread sewing machines and a new Diamant MC Hybrid bookline. Now, the company specializes in producing high-quality small and medium-sized print runs at reasonable prices.

“We looked at exactly which bookline we wanted to invest in,” reports Rolf Kanzler, the bookbinding manager. “The top quality of the Diamant MC convinced us. We hardly waste paper anymore.” Since the machine was installed, Kanzler continues to be convinced in its daily operation. He enthusiastically explains how quickly the machine was ready after installation: “We were producing books with excellent quality only five working days after the Diamant MC was delivered.” And this continues to be the case. Since then, nothing but outstanding books has been produced with the Diamant MC.” The company offers print runs of 30 to 5,000 copies to its customers. So they often have to change formats as quickly as possible. The Diamant MC with its outstandingly short changeover times is the ideal machine for carrying out such jobs. Due to its high level of automation, the machine operator no longer has to take care of the machine settings, which are set automatically after just a few touches on the screen. Other devices, such as the double lining station, also ensure fast changeover times.

Apart from the Diamant MC, two new Ventura MC thread sewing machines were also installed. What is impressive is how easy it is to operate the machine due to its touch screen. “The Ventura MC is so much more comfortable to operate than the old machine,” Angelika Rusevljan, machine operator, exclaims happily. Besides, the thread sewing for hardcover and softcover books, fgb also offers perfect binding for books and brochures. The book blocks and brochures are produced on a Bolero perfect binder from Muller Martini. This range of high-quality processing for small print runs works very well for publishing houses.

fgb and its predecessor, Herder-Druck, has been producing books since 1808, from pre-press to binding, all from one source. In 1974, fgb became an independent company within the Herder Group. With four sheet-fed offset printing presses, including a four-colour machine and a five-colour machine, fgb has specialized in producing books in short and medium-sized print runs for years now. In order to keep up with the latest technology, the innovative company invested in a digital printing press, new thread sewing machines and a Diamant MC Hybrid.

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