Printbindaas enhances niche business with Xerox technologies


When the strengths of two innovative concepts are blended together efficiently, the outcome undoubtedly can be expected rewarding. And this has gone beyond expectations in case of the first-of-its-kind Mumbai-based company, Printbindaas Pvt Ltd, who started their operations combining features of e-commerce and web-to-print to bring print service offerings at customer’s doorstep through a mouse click. “With initial investment of around Rs 120 lakh, we have grown upto seven to eight times in terms of valuation return in few months of our operations, and anticipate to reach the mark of Rs 100 crore in the next four years,” conveyed Suraj Goyal, CEO of Printbindaas, accompanied by Pankaj Kalra, head, graphic communications business, Xerox India, in an exclusive conversation with Print & Publishing editors SK Khurana and Ajeet Singh. Targeting e-commerce market in India, Printbindaas Pvt Ltd started their operation in September 2010, opting web-to-print as their first segment of offerings. “Despite having no in-depth knowledge of print business, we preferred to venture into web-to-print market, using our e-commerce expertise. In the very beginning, we were outsourcing printing process to other printers, but in the meantime, a fortunate meeting with Pankaj Kalra of Xerox India paved our way to effectively grow in this niche market. We decided to have our own printing setup, purchasing Xerox 700 digital colour press, and then we never looked back,” stated Suraj, a suave young entrepreneur with the firm determination, who remained associated with several Indian companies and MNCs in the business development and partner management arena for over fifteen years before entering entrepreneurship along with Sanjay Jain, chairman of the company.

Installing Xerox 700 digital colour press along with end-to-end solutions from Xerox India, Printbindaas now can provide premium digital printing services, timely and in cost-effective manner through web-to-print concepts. Designed to grow the business delighting the customers, the Xerox 700 digital colour press delivers on both counts whether one is looking for new revenue opportunities or that ability to reduce costs. It’s one of the true production capable presses, making us easy to get started in digital production printing.

With their intrinsic creative and conceptualisation techniques, Printbindaas takes the highest possible flight of imagination in every undertaking and develops ideas that help their customers enhance the brand value and create loyalty for the same. In the corporates segment, branding plays a very important role for distinction, giving rise to a challenge for brand standardisation and management. The company’s portal (, offering web-to-print services for all, provides the optimum solution, allowing employees and organisations to have a single point of origin to get their marketing and corporate stationary produced online, apart from helping tracking the status of all their print jobs, hence a very consistent and organised output. Catering education sector which is giving rise to a copious amount of demands for printing, they are focusing on offering yearbooks, t-shirts and gifting products. To efficiently manage a yearbook, the company has developed software called ‘Recall’, enabling students and teachers/professors to track and organise their data effortlessly.

“Currently, around one thousand clicks are heppening on our portal per day, with one/two percent response rate. Out of the offerings we have initiated, business cards, flyers and custom-decorated mugs are top three so far taking the lead,” informed Suraj. Their regular prominent clients include: IIM Kozhikode, Fujitsu, Siemens, SBI Capital Markets Ltd, IIMs, Sutra Consulting, XLRI Jamshedpur, SBI, Star Global, Goa Institute of Management, Suminter India Organics, Alethia Education Services, Bhansali Gram Seva Mandal, Great Lakes Institute of Management – Chennai, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Symbiosis Centre for Management, JDA, IIT Mumbai, Lancaster University, Rustomjee Business School, Multilink, Way2wealth, Talwalkars HiFi, ZYANA Living, etc.

Web-to-print concept came into existence in the US and European countries many years ago. Comparing to getting its space in India, Pankaj informed, “The lack of knowledge among end-users about this facility was the major concerns. Most of the companies in India offering such kind of services could not create awareness among the end-users about its real advantages. But now it is quite easy to get such offerings through promotions on social media platforms and online advertising. Another effective initiative in this regard may be collaborating with some of the existing players in the same domain as Printbindaas has tied up with Multilink.” “Having collaboration with Multilink, we can now get advantages of their chain comprising over ten thousand franchises in India to build effective network for offering print services. Their retail place can help us to provide print services to even those customers who don’t use internet,” added Suraj.

“Presently, the combined web-to-print market of China and India is estimated around US$ 24 billion, out of which almost 25 percent could be of India’s share. So, there are huge potential in this market to enhance business,” said Suraj further, talking about the potential of web-to-print market in India. “This niche business tends to be witnessed growing exponentially. If at a time, its strength is of Rs four crore, it may be Rs 40 crore in the next year and Rs 400 crore thereafter,” concluded Pankaj.

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