‘Xerox grows, riding on in-house technology developments’


“There has been a significant growth in digital printing. Digitization and print-on-demand (POD) are opening new chapters in the world of print. To meet the growing new wave of cross-media, direct mail opportunities even using social networking sites like Facebook, bringing high quality impact, Xerox has been keeping themselves fully active to help their customers making their customer’s need fulfilled,” conveyed David Dyas, vice president, technology and channels, Xerox DMO, accompanied by Vipin Tuteja, executive director, technology channels and international business, Xerox India Limited, in a formal discussion with P&P editor SK Khurana, during drupa 2012.

David Dyas and Vipin Tuteja,As the market trends in graphic arts industry indicate that conventional print process production is declining, Xerox is all set to focus 150 countries in developing world where print is still growing at faster pace. With the matured technology added with varied appropriate solutions offered which include wide range of printers and workflows, Xerox plans to accelerate its initiatives all over.

“Xerox always offers right tools to produce well. In fact, the very important feature of Xerox has been to develop new applications in the market whereby their customers with different printers installed already, enjoy producing those print documents and thereby increase revenues. And for that, different tools in the form of workflow/software apart from hardware are being offered regularly. One of our state-of-the-art offerings, Espresso Book Machine is going very successful with ten installations already done, and ready to offer in India as well,” said David Dyas.

Talking on the topic of possibilities of utilising the ‘personalization’ feature which digital print offers David confirmed that so far this has not been utilised to the extend it should have. Nevertheless, the time has come, to take this as a next step whereby mining of right data is established. The moment this is achieved, it will bring in enormous opportunities of adding revenues for everyone, may it be developed or developing countries Answering to a question about scope of inkjet digital process in general, David mentioned, “Yes, it is being opted seriously, but as of now there have been installations of around 50-60 units every year, which eventually will grow. We at Xerox have achieved to the tune of 25 percent but yet to be achieved further.”

“We majorly depend on our own R&D, whereas most of other venders just buy these solutions – hardware or software from outside suppliers, and this is one of the unique features of Xerox in itself. Keeping it continue, we ably receive around 60 percent of Xerox revenues coming from technology base, while rest 40 percent comes from service base,” David divulged with pride, adding, “Due to registering a stable growth, Xerox’s shares value in the market is constantly going plus.”

Enhancing business in India

In India, volume of iGen digital presses is going high. Existing customers comprise of multiple installations and adding Xerox Color 1000 series of presses. Answering to a question, Vipin Tuteja said, “No doubt, with the entry of players from Japan bringing in newer digital presses, the competition in India is growing, but this is also boosting the business of digital print which eventually is helping the whole industry.”

In this scenario, Xerox India is enhancing business significantly. “During 2007-09, around 12 percent growth was registered, while we are expecting around 23 percent growth during 2010-14. The price sensitive Indian market is also opening up for digital colour printing in a big way. To cater the market, we introduced Xerox Color 1000 press which is also proving very successful model of digital presses.

Also re-furbished machines offerings have been highly successful among printers,” informed Vipin further.

“With the significant GDP growth, despite economic slowdown across the world, R&D and new educational opportunities in co-operation with government departments, we are gearing up to promote digital print per se. Our fifth research center has already been established enabling us to perform better at that front too,” he added.

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