New generation New machines


Editor – S K Khurana Recently at an industry get together, discussing on various topics, someone mentioned the captioned term – ‘New Generation New Machines’ and I actually gave a thought that how precisely that statement fits today. In a moment, it was clear in my mind – yes that is the fact.

When the younger generation don’t prefer a second hand car, why will they go for pre-owned machine and deprive themselves not only of the latest features offered with new machine but also the pleasure of having a machine with altogether new look and no worry for keeping maintenance team available at call.

Literally speaking, the younger generation though appreciates the fear level in terms of substantial investment, their elder generation used to worry most of the time, which included issues like ROI, but, they also have a lot of confidence which assures them to bring in enough and appropriate workload to feed the NextGeneration machine. May it be a printing, post press or even pre press equipment, their marketing staff always have a different level of confidence not only to deliver desired quality job but also in the specified time frame.

Take an example of the digital printing machine, the older generation still shies away from installing these as they are still not sure if they can achieve ROI in stipulated time frame apart from anxiety towards frequent launch of newer models. But, younger people are confident and experimentative enough to go for such machines and add more clients to their portfolio.

Times are changing and the need of the day is automation and value-addition, which is possible in our industry only through technological adoption. New machines with better features will bring in more automation, cost-effectiveness, quality and value-addition as well. This is the mantra of the generation next which is proving to be just right.

With this type of approach, any PSP in today’s time can never look back but rather shall move on the next level to productivity and of course profitability.

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