Spot varnish printing becomes reality


With co-operation between basysPrint and MacDermid

basysPrint has made spot varnish printing a cost-effective reality following co-operation with MacDermid Printing Solutions. Through the joint development, basysPrint is now able to offer the MacDermid Accent high quality coating plate for packaging and commercial offset printers. The MacDermid coating plate applies spot varnish, as opposed to blanket coverage, on the printed matter via a dedicated fifth printing unit.

“Increasingly end-users are looking to differentiate their products with more creative finishing. Inline spot varnish can offer this creativity without the need for a separate post-press process,” explains Christophe Lievens, basysPrint director of sales and marketing. “Traditionally print shops had to buy their occasional expensive coating plates at a trade shop because it required flexo equipment to produce such a plate. Now they can use a basysPrint UV-Setter for their conventional printing plates and the same imager to expose coating plates for spot varnish printing. This offers a very attractive total cost of ownership to our customers with on top of that the possibility to make a distinction in their competitive market.”

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