Digistik gains digital dominance with HP Indigo 6900


Cutting-edge digital print technology from HP Indigo is helping Sonepat-based Digistik deliver speed and quality with short-run production.

When customised label printing company Digistik launched in 2019, it chose an innovative approach to become the first label supplier in India, built entirely on digital print technology. Priyanka Rathi Verma, Sr Manager – Media & Marketing, Digistik, says, “By harnessing the power of a digital platform, we can better serve brands of all sizes, across diverse sectors including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, FMCG and more.” She adds, “It’s an approach that works especially well when it comes to meeting the needs of small and medium-sized (SME) businesses, one of our key markets. HP Indigo digital print technology fits their needs to a tee.”

For young enterprises looking to build brand recognition with their labels and packaging, frequent small print runs and quick turnaround times are vital as they trial samples and prototypes. However, a challenge with conventional offset printing is that it can be prohibitively expensive for low-volume orders.

HP Indigo 6900

“That’s a real issue if you’re a cash-strapped startup,” explains Priyanka. “But if you’re able to access the unique advantages of HP Indigo digital print technology, all that changes. That’s why we’ve made a strategic investment in a cutting-edge HP Indigo 6900 press, so we can deliver shorter runs, quicker turnarounds, and photo-print quality – and there’s no need to break the bank.”

Delivering cost-effective short-run production
Unlike offset printing, digital print technology doesn’t need a separate plate for each run. It means brands can place orders for short-runs with no minimum order quantity, reducing set-up times and making the printing process faster and more cost-effective.

Harish Gupta, Director-Digistik, comments, “The HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press frees our SME customers from the endless loop of waiting weeks to get their labels made, then paying through the nose for a product that turns out to be merely passable.”

He continues, “Instead, customers get a great-value way to carry out just-in-time label printing and rapidly respond to the changing market conditions. Meanwhile, we have grown our business considerably by being able to offer strong support to these smaller firms that are themselves poised for rapid growth. It includes companies such as Muscle Monk, One Herb, Sceptre, amongst others. Because we can help firms like these be more competitive against even global players when it comes to their labels, we’re capturing more opportunities.”

Meeting rising demand for personalisation
Since the HP Indigo 6900 supports a wide range of narrow web applications, Digistik can now print labels to suit almost any type of packaging format, from shrink sleeves and pouches to in-mould labeling and more. The company also gains the flexibility to customise many more of the labels it produces through variable data printing technology.

Sumit Malhotra, VP–Digistik & Allied companies, mentions, “Recently, we’ve experienced a huge demand for personalised logos and labels that can help companies build brand recognition for their products.” He adds, “Using HP SmartStream Designer with HP Mosaicwith our Indigo 6900 press is helping us meet that demand. It meanswe can now do so much more for brands in terms of innovative labelling solutions and supporting creative marketing campaigns.”

Seizing new growth opportunities
Harish acknowledges that while the pandemic has been a challenging time for businesses everywhere, it has also highlighted the importance of business agility and resiliency. “Strategically, purchasing the HP Indigo 6900 has been a clear win for Digistik,” he says, adding, “It’s allowing us to be more agile, pushing run lengths and productivity even higher as we respond to our customers’ ever-changing needs. That’s helping us gain a competitive advantage, even in today’s challenging business environment.”



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