Moments of reflection 2021!


MP Raghav Rao, Managing Director, Fujiflm Sericol India Pvt Ltd reflects over the year bygone and encourages all to use its learnings as fuel for greater wisdom, artistry and insulate hope.

MP Raghav Rao
MP Raghav Rao

As we start the year 2022, it is a key moment to reflect back on what we have achieved in 2021, the learnings and the challenges imposed on the ink manufacturing industry. The ink and print industries continued to face numerous challenges surrounding rapidly increasing costs, increased demand for raw materials and shortages in local and international logistics and freight. While others were saddled with these challenging times,Fujifilm Sericol India (FSID Team)has worked tirelessly to mitigate any negative effects on its valued customer base, continually improving internal processes and sourcing additional raw material supply to reduce the impact of these challenges on its clients.We firmly attribute the company’s success to workers, employees, vendors, and our valued customers.The Covid pandemic has changed all norms for all of us and we as a company have shown resilience to come through all challenges put forth and are proud to announce our production facility has kept going even during the most testing times during the pandemic. In light of this, I encourage you to ponder how 2021 can serve as a platform for quantum leaps in your growth, output and impact in 2022. I am gladly unloading my 36 years of expertise, which is brimming with lessons learned and some of the greatest practices developed in FSID throughout my time as Managing Director.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings – Interactive learning platforms

FSID fosters a continuous learning and development to all the employees across the globe through regular town hall-style meetings that are conducted regularly as open forum and employees can submit questions anonymously to help management understand the intricacies and bridge the gaps. These meetings facilitate product knowledge and technical knowledge sharing and helps communicate and, collaborate effectively.

Communication entails getting to the heart of the business – Breaking stereotypes and achieving infinite growth and peerless excellence was a huge challenge for me when I first took over as a leader.In my 22-years of career journey in FSID, I’ve spent a lot of time breaking the conventional barriers and honing the skills of sales team members and bringing everyone on the same page through our weekly sales review meetings. This has served as an excellent mechanism to track progress on goal setting, outreach and resolving issues and tackling challenges.

We encourage open communication because it builds trust, encourages innovation, and promotes a positive work atmosphere and a competitive environment that stimulates teamwork, personal growth and learning, as well as excellent perks.

We strongly believe in the philosophy of being healthy, wealthy and wise

While the world is fighting one of the biggest transformative challenges of all times, the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the greatest learning from this crisis has been the need to stay fit and healthy. It has become the only way of combating this novel disease. Deskbound employees are most susceptible to sedentary lifestyles leading to poor immunity and related health risks. It has, therefore, become increasingly important for organizations to promote a culture of wellness through health benefits and wellness programs. So in an unexpected burst of inspiration, FSID invested in employees’ health by providing them complimentary health benefits via CorLife’s health performance platform is proven to help you understand your personal well-being, empower you to take control of your physiology, and support you to make healthy changes for good. CorLife creates healthy mood-based behavioural change through trackable data and biometrics, alongside a medically guided coaching programme. CorLife tracks, monitors and educates users by measuring change over time, in tandem with delivering best in class clinical outcomes.

Building a culture of oneness and inclusiveness in diversity

At our company, one of our top priorities is to create an opulent and magnificent culture. We firmly believe that our competitor’s may copy our products and services but they will never be able to copy our culture. Our culture lets people know what we hold (i.e., honesty, innovation, wowing customers, collaboration and candor). Our company’s expresses our organization’s philosophy – its mythology, which is profoundly rooted and reflected in our culture. Culture takes energy, commitment and years to build.To me, workplace culture is paramount as we spend more than 10 hours interacting with the colleagues in office, at the lunch table eating the same cuisine and we have a common channel of commute. As our employees are completely immersed in the same interests as of the company, the culture propels itself forward almost on its own. We strongly believe that culture that is owned and driven by the employee’s puts value in their voices.All new employees go through meticulous training to instill the values and culture in their minds and hearts.

Work is worship & workplace is a holy place

As the well-known proverb states work is worship, we give chance to worship while we work. Our faith has enhanced by state-of-the-art infrastructure, and we are truly blessed to have two temples built, one of Sai Baba and the other of Lord Ganesh. All of the employees of various faiths pray together, and the festivals are celebrated in a spirit of unity, which reinforces the relationship and makes us feel like we are part of a dream and a family. We also have a culture where micromanagement is discouraged in favour of trusting employees to perform their best. Putting faith in people has contributed significantly to a strong organisational culture. We are all acutely aware of the importance of treating all employees with respect at all levels. Our employees’ opinions are taken into consideration while developing the company’s future strategy.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our work

By building autonomous teams with open culture, we allow people to set their own agenda and have been able to attract new and diverse pools of talent. For decades, we have been committed to innovation and have met the highest standards. Our constant evolution and contribution to an ever-expanding range of products and services that have more than met the ever-increasing needs of screen printers. Our patents are a tangible example of our quest for innovation.We are constantly pushing the envelope in order to provide with new and innovative products. Our Industrial inks are intended to provide you with creative effects and printability on a variety of substrates like Polycarbonate, Polyester, PVC, and (pp) Polypropylene.

Developing leadership talent- managing the leadership youth tide

After reaching the zenith in my career as Managing Director I realized, that organizations, are at times too jaded to accept any new ideas and talents. From the perspective of a mentor, I apprehended that leadership platform was needed where young minds and next generation leaders can be identified, nurtured, and chartered in order to strengthen our succession planning. Identifying and developing new talent is an important aspect of youth development in leadership programmes. So, to give this ambition some life and solidify our intentions, we began with a leadership programme, identifying key people next in line who could roll with the punches while remaining objective and positive. The leadership meetings generated novel ideas; we seek ways to better address increased competitive pressures, respond quickly and flexibly to rapidly changing conditions, innovate and explore emerging technologies, and establish benchmarks for the milestone journey. This small act has resulted in an exponential transformation. We are confident that investments in leadership development will pay off in the form of a long-term competitive advantage that will propel us forward in 2022. It is my humble obligation as a leader; to enthrall all employees around a singular purpose that makes them step into their heroic potential. One that makes them bigger than they were before I shared it with them.

The last piece of advice I offer that, you take whatever happened over this year (2021) and use it as fuel for your greater wisdom, artistry and insulate your hope.The New Year like all new year’s will hopefully herald a fresh sense of cautious optimism and is there is certainly much for us to focus in 2022 I have a sense that while 2022 will come with volatility, it will ultimately be a wonderful year.

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