RMGT serves its repeat customers in publishing


Two sets of RMGT 1050TP-8 at C&C Beijing and C&C Guangdong: C&C Guangdong is a headquarter of one of the biggest publishing printing companies in China, and C&C Beijing is a group company of C&C Guangdong. C&C group mainly prints high quality books and high-end picture books etc. C&C Beijing installed the first RMGT 1050TP-8 in 2018, and with their great satisfaction of the high printing productively and high printing quality of unique 8-color Tandem Perfector with single-sided gripper exchange which leads to less printing restrictions of perfecting printing, they recommended C&C Guangdong headquarter to invest in RMGT 1050TP-8, and finally C&C group decided to purchase 2 sets of 1050TP-8 in C&C Guangdong and C&C Beijing.

One RMGT 1050TP-8 at Tianjin Tu Wen: Tianjin Tu Wen is a leading publishing printing company in Tianjin who is long time customer for RMGT and currently has 3 sets of D3000LS-4 and 1 set of V3000LS-4. They mainly print high quality books and history books etc. In order to enhance productivity of publishing printing, they decided to purchase RMGT 1050TP-8 which is the most ideal press for both sided publishing printing with single-sided gripper exchange.

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